Arena WHS Cloud Suite is an integrated multi-faceted standard operating procedure (SOP) -based operations, training and risk-management system. It is ideal to use in support of Quality Management Systems such as those defined by the ISO. The system comprises of a document management system, a training system, and an incident and risk-management system. One component of the system (Arena SOP) provides an organization with a constantly audit-ready and up to date record of all of an organization’s processes and a record of its staff knowledge of, and training on, those processes. The other component (Arena IRM) tests staff application of knowledge and manages the organization’s operational risks via audits and identification of non-conformances leading to appropriate corrective and preventive action.


Arenas' WHS Cloud Suite will benefit these industries:


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Service Industries

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Life Science

Arena WHS Cloud Suite helps these professionals:

OPERATIONS AND ALL OTHER MANAGERS can provide controlled copies of electronic standing instructions and work method instructions (SOPs) to staff in small or large groups at any location and to be able to prove that staff have received these instructions and any later updates. 
HR MANAGERS can provide electronic copies of job descriptions (via the SOP system) to staff thereby allowing them a constant reminder of their contractual obligations. 
TRAINING MANAGERS can utilize the system to ensure that all routine administrative or operational processes are well known to relevant staff as part of each worker's SOPs and can prove that they are competent in these processes. Furthermore these SOPs can be delivered together with easy to understand videos in any language. Additional training processes can also be disseminated via the SOP system. Tests scheduled on the content of any of these processes or SOPs results in automatic delivery and notification of tests to individuals associated with those instructions. Errors relating to incorrect application of training instructions can be managed via the incident management module to ensure appropriate corrective action



RISK MANAGERS can undertake regular audits on all possible areas of ongoing risk (e.g. fire danger, customer safety, fridge temperatures etc.) to ensure that emerging hazards are identified and controlled with preventive and corrective action before causing harm. Other risks can also be identified and dealt with through preventive and corrective action. Access to staff training and testing records on the system enables quick and relevant decisions to be made during the management of adverse incidents, regarding improvement of training methods or process instructions (SOPs). 

PROCESS AUDITORS (ISO accreditation etc.) can easily see the full spectrum and quality of procedures being carried out by an organization and can understand the level of staff training, and the methods being employed to correct problematic issues and the progress with these matters. 

DUE DILLIGENCE AUDITORS can understand the operating processes and methods of constantly improving them within an organization and be convinced of the depth and integrity of these across the entire organization’s staff complement. DIRECTORS can prove conformance of staff to health, safety and environmental laws thereby reducing risk of personal liability.


Arena WHS Cloud Suite

A document management system with the following features
Online recording of any administrative or physical process can be detailed as a standard operating procedure (SOP) with multi-media enhancements (videos, photos, diagrams etc.) The ability to target the documents or SOPs to specific groups of any size (access control) Authorization control of all documents or SOPs ensuring that documents or SOPs can only be issued to staff with due administrative authority (authorization control) The ability to ensure that staff are only exposed to current versions of any instruction or SOP (version control) Automated communication to co-authors of a document or SOP regarding its progress Automated communication to all targeted staff regarding new or changed instructions or SOPs Escalation of information to management of non-compliance regarding viewing of new or changed instructions or SOPs

A staff testing module with the following features: The ability to create multiple choice tests on any document or SOP and to automatically target those tests to the individuals An ability to schedule tests to specific dates Escalation information to management of non-compliance of test taking or poor test results An audit trail to record all exposure to instructions or SOPs, test activity and test results

Arena Cloud Suite

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