Smarter Safe Work Practices

Arena supplies a range of services and applications to industry to enable industry to provide smarter safe work practices:


Compliance Inspections
Safe Work Method Statements
Development Emergency Evacuation Plans – design, implementation and maintenance
Required registers - are in place and current Inductions – staff and visitors 

Incident Investigations – ICAM and lessons learned 
Fitness For work – fatigue and substances 
Injury management and Return to Work coordination 
Hazardous Substances – storage and use, 
Safety Data Sheets Liaising with regulators and other authorities Permanent Part Time Safety Professionals

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Proximity based Work Site Safety

Proximity systems can track your staff on a site and determine if they are licenced to operate equipment, are in a no go zone or could be subjected to a hazardous environment.

Track Visitors

Track visitors on your site with the Scan Smart ID tracking system and know where they are at any time.

Man Down

Scan Smart ID man down is built into our new location and safety apps.

Geofence No-Go Areas

The Scan Smart ID system allows you to put a geo-fence around dangerous areas on your site and be notified when staff enter these area

Site Attendance

A handful of carefully crafted designs at your fingertips, ready to be combined in different ways.

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Personnel Location System

Knowing where your staff, contractors and visitors are on your site is important. Your can do it easily with a Scan Smart ID location system. Our system uses a combination of beacons and RFID as the main method for location determination which provides a more cost effective method.


Inside location tracking allows both tracking of staff, contractors and visitors as well as providing directions within buildings. 


 Outside location tracking using rugged beacons allows tracking of staff, contractors and visitors to your sites and  is important in safety monitoring.

Introducing the Arena Take 
5 Safety App range

We create and make beautiful things for the web, from desktop to mobile. This includes website templates, themes, plugins and many more. .

Take 5 Safety App

Site Induction

Teamed with Arenas WHS Suite you know your staff are aware of site requirements and have acknowledged such..


Fit for Work

Make sure all staff on site meet your requirements for working


Correct PFE

Use the Arena Risk Management WHS Suite to ensure that staff are using the correct PPE equipment.



Check that the staff member has taken all Company training requirements.


Correct Tools

Make sure staff have the correct tools by checking tools off using the Scan Smart ID Tool Check software.


Cloud Based

Arena's Take 5 gives you a range of possibilities allowing you to view from any location how the employee is travelling.


Hazard Check

Send Hazard warnings to staff who are wearing the Scan Smart ID safety appliances..


Correct Permits

Interaction with equipment means that staff cannot attempt to drive or activate equipment without the correct licence


Multiple Devices

The Arena WHS Suite works on desktop, tablet and mobile phone..


Available Off Line

If you lose connection to your network all data is retained on your local device.


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